The right wing encompasses the right side of the political spectrum, in which the border between the right and left sides are usually occupied by centrists. Although the right-wing is quite vast, much of it is unified into three groups: the centre-righters, the conservatives, and the fascists. The center-right is mostly right on most issues although sometimes they take the centrist or leftist stance. Most conservatives strive to create a religious, hierarchic society. Fascists are the extreme right, believing in intense nationalism, and usually have discrimination towards others in their values.

Right-wing Political Parties

  • Republican Party (America)
  • Tea Party (America)
  • Libertarian Party (America)
  • Whig Party (America)
  • Liberal Party of Australia (Australia)
  • Brazilian Labour Renewal Party (Brazil)
  • Conservative Party of Canada (Canada)
  • National Democratic Party of Tibet (China)
  • Christian Democratic Party (France)
  • Christian Democratic Union (Germany)
  • National Democratic Alliance (India)
  • Likud (Israel)
  • Forza Italia (Italy)
  • Liberal Democratic Party (Japan)
  • National Action Party (Mexico)
  • New Zealand National Party (New Zealand)
  • Law and Justice (Poland)
  • United Russia (Russia)
  • People's Party (Spain)
  • Christian Democrats (Sweden)
  • Conservative Party (UK)
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